Стили, вдохновленные художником

Коллекция того, как Stable Diffusion представляет себе стили этих художников.

Хотя общий обзор полезен, имейте в виду, что эти стили имитируют только определенные аспекты работы художника (цвет, среда, местоположение и т.д.). Они ограничены довольно поверхностными знаниями SD, но, вероятно, могут дать вам хорошую базу для ваших собственных творений.

Метаданные изображения

Это проверит изображение на наличие встроенных данных StableDiffusion


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Примеры промтов - Art Media


Photo, DSLR
Analog Photo
Lomography Photo
Pinhole Photo
BW Photo
Wet-Plate Photo
Anthotype Photo

Drawing, Painting, Print

Pencil Drawing
Pen and Ink Drawing
Ink Drawing
Watercolor Painting
Pen and Watercolor Painting
Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting
Rough Charcoal Sketch
Crayon Drawing
Engraving Illustration
Risograph Print
Colored Linocut

Methods, Looks

Impasto Painting
Palette Knife Oil Painting
Chiaroscuro Painting
Iridescent Painting
Anaglyph Painting

Digital, Other

Comic Character
Pixel Art
Vector Graphic
3D Render
Low Poly Render
Modelling Clay
Embroidery Cross Stitch
Bas-Relief Wood Carving
Marble Bust

Image Dimensions

Stable Diffusion was trained with base dimensions of 512 pixels (SD 1.5) and 768 pixels (SD 2/2.1).
While it's not necessary to stick to multiples of 128, it's a good place to start.


Some of the common ratios in SD dimensions:

Square 1:1 512 × 512
Photo 2:3 512 × 768
Photo 3:4 512 × 683
Social Media 4:5 512 × 640
Standard Monitor 16:9 910 × 512
Monitor 16:10 819 × 512
UltraWide Monitor 21:9 1195 × 512

Art History - Some Pointers

Data and Documentation

Use only-data.html for a version without images.
That page also includes a list of all artists that were checked for availability.

Information on how the images were generated and how to check if an artist style is available can be found on the documentation page.

Useful Links

Links that helped me understand the technical side of Stable Diffusion (no affiliation):


All information has been collected with the utmost care, however, mistakes happen. Location information is sometimes difficult when artists move very early in life, or the indication of the era, if the lifetime falls between two centuries.


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